Friday, August 19, 2011

Quiet Time

How many of you long for Quiet Time? I feel like life gets so busy sometimes that there is NO HOPE for it! I have been taking advantage of my Kindle at night when the kids go to sleep so I can sneak some reading in. I used to LOVE too read, I read all the time. I remember even as a kid I would take my "allowance" and buy Sweet Valley High books and read them. I look back now and see that my love for reading started very early on. I try to instill that in my own children as well. Its a nice "escape" to grab a good book and just drift away into it. I also feel lately like I have been neglecting my Bible reading as well. I downloaded the KJV Bible on my kindle so I can make sure I get that in at night. I used to be able to sit at the table for hours and study my bible, those were the days. I keep reminding myself as the kids get older it will get easier to sit and do that but for now, a season, they are small and I will enjoy and take advantage of my "Quiet Time" at night. How many of you long for that time as well?

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