Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Memories

I can't believe that its almost September. You know what that means right? Closer to the Holidays! Its like a countdown, as soon as school starts and summer is over it goes so fast. I pray that everyone had a great summer. I was thinking about when I was a child and spent so many summers at my grandparents homes, I only have one grandparent left now. I miss all of them, I sometimes sit and just reminisce of all the fun, innocent things we did. Catching fireflies, running in the fields, climbing trees, digging in the dirt, staying up late and chasing down ice cream trucks. Oh the memories of a time when there was no stress. I used to pray that God speed time up so I could be 18 a move out, own my own home and not have to listen to my parents, HA! So naive. If we only knew then, right? I pray that my own kids experience the things that we were able to as kids but I am a realist and know that the world is a little different now. When you could stay out until the porch lights came on now you have to play right in front of your porch light. Kids can't walk to the nearest parks alone, parents need to go with them to everything. I often feel guilty that my kids won't be able to experience that stuff. I think when we get to heaven it will be like a fun summer day, no worries, carelessly playing, no fear, constant joy, happiness that is unspeakable and of course, seeing the Lord. What a perfect eternity, does not get much better then that. What are some of your childhood summer memories? I hope you all cherish your memories and have made the best of your summer.

Psalm 71:5
For you have been my hope, Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth.

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