Monday, September 26, 2011

180 Movie

I was so excited to finally see the Ray Comfort 180 movie. It is definitely a movie that will get even the biggest skeptic thinking, I love stuff like that. I know that topics like Abortion, Murder, Holocaust, and the Right to Choose are not the favorite things that talk about or debate but they are things we need to discuss. I am so floored at the amount of people who didn't know who Adolph Hitler was, really!!!? I mean have they stopped teaching our kids in school about the holocaust? I am only 36 but when I was in school we learned of it. I am teaching my children about it, its not something that should be forgotten, ever. The connections Ray made about Hitler and Abortion were very good, I mean we would never sit back and watch people be killed for no reason so why would someone think its ok to kill a child? Doesn't make sense to me. God says its murder and I believe it is. What if Mary was Pro Choice?

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