Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging, too much or not enough?

I love to blog, even if I don't have many followers I feel like my blog is like an "online journal". I always journaled as a kid and early adult. I was the girl who always had the diary too. I am sure my brothers read it more then once! I think writing is a therapy in a way for some. Its a place you can vent, chat, complain, voice opinions and not feel like you need to be careful. I am thankful for any and everyone who pops by and reads this. I hope that someway my words can encourage any of you. Sometimes I wonder if "blogging" is a good thing, sometimes we get so caught up in it that it can take priority over other important things that need to be done. I think as long as we maintain a happy balance that blogging is great. I have read many of your blogs that have inspired me or given me ideas that work for our family now! I think its great that we can meet so many wonderful people we other wise wouldn't have if there were no internet, Facebook and blogger! I hope you all continue in your blogging journey and I look forward to continuing to read them! God Bless and have a great Sunday! We are off for a Family Sunday dinner!

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