Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well this has been one sad week. At the beginning of the week we get word that my husbands 34 year old cousin was killed in a car accident. A young man, a father, loved one taken way too soon. It breaks your heart when anyone dies but the premature deaths are the hardest I think. A few days after that we get word that my sweet aunts ex hubby, father of her 2 girls, 39 years old dies suddenly. Wow, what is going on, so young. I feel so bad for these families. Words can't say anything to help the pain, I guess sometimes the only thing we can do is to just be there. So yesterday my parents call too tell me that my cousin, mid 40s is in the hospital, he just collapsed at work. They believe it could be his heart and copd. Another young man with kids. It really goes to show you that you just never know. Its the famous saying we all have said I am sure but its so true. The bible says we are not promised tomorrow and this week was definitely a wake up call to me to try to be more relaxed, enjoy the little things. I have a tendency to stress over so much, really stuff that I can't even doing anything about. Why do we do that? What is it with us that we think worrying will change something? Just like Jesus said, "Don't worry about tomorrow or what you will eat, your clothes, or anything" Matthew 6:25 My goal for the week is to try to get into a pattern of relaxing, trying not to stress and worry so much, it really doesn't get us anywhere does it? I want to relax like this little monkey picture, so cute and care free :)

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