Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guilt Free Home School!

Today started out as a sunny, hot day, and quickly turned into a thunderstorm with hail and dark skies. I had some things planned today and whenever it rains there is something about it that just makes me want to be lazy! I don't know if its in my head since so many think the same or is there really something about it?? Whatever it may be I did very little. I often feel guilty since we are home schoolers if I do not do something every minute of the day. Why is that? I am used to how a public school system works and therefore I compare what we do at home to what they do at school. That does not make sense does it, after all we home school because we don't either approve or like the way the public schools run. I need to drill in my head that its ok to just chill once in awhile, we all deserve to relax and be guilt free. I often feel like my need to always do something is because so many people judge me for our decision in home schooling our kids. Therefore I feel like I always need an answer as to what we did today or what we do tomorrow. I think one thing I am going to try to come to grips with this summer is, its ok to do NOTHING!! It really is.....It is not hurting anyone! We are home schooling all year round so there is PLENTY of room for learning...Relax, I need to relax and trust God that I am making the best choices for our kids. This will be hard for me but I am willing to try!! Pray for me in this area :)


  1. I love the pics you attached to your blogs! I think we all need to mentally take a chill pill and ask ourselves if we are pleasing God, ourselves, or others. God's word tells us that it is better to be a Mary than a Martha so why do we try so hard to look like a Martha??? Oh brother, we ARE dense!!! Lol! ; )

  2. There is nothing wrong in doing nothing:) There is a time for everything under heaven. I will keep you in prayer:)

  3. I am so glad that others feel the same :) I guess we live in a world where everybody is always doing something....So fast paced. Its nice to just relax and smell the roses sometimes!