Sunday, July 17, 2011

How many of you out there are the type who need to follow a schedule? Since we homeschool and I have 3 kids I do best with a schedule. Most days its extremely hard to follow but for the most part I feel organized at least to have one. I have the personality where I HATE things to be out of sorts and with having 2 kids under 3 and a 10 year old, I am out of sorts ALOT. One day we may be extremely productive and get a ton of stuff done and then the next 2 days we do nothing. I am trying to learn to not sweat stuff that doesn’t matter, you know the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Life is so short and so what if my house isn’t always clean, who cares if there is a dirty dish in my sink right? These are things I struggle with since I am always trying to make everything perfect. I am learning that my need to be that way also robs me of precious time with the most important things in life, my Family. So starting this week I am going to make a schedule, set our school time, activities, and then when those are complete its free for all! I may even say from 9-1 is school, 1-2 is crafts/activities and then after that its whatever we want to do as a family and have fun, no cleaning, no stressing about the house being perfect and just live life and cherish the time! We live in a super fast paced society today and its very easy to let things that are most important slip right by. I don’t want that to happen. Like my hubby always says “The dishes will be there in the morning” Well DUH of course they will, how many men wash them! So in saying all this I just want everyone to revaluate the way they use their time, is it with the things that matter, or are you spending most of it stressing and not cherishing?? I hope this is a word that would encourage someone!!

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