Thursday, September 29, 2011

Social Networking

I have been very convicted this past week about the time I spend on the computer and Facebook. I am ashamed to even say how many hours I would spend surfing around the internet when I could be using my time where it is needed, in my own house! I think that blogs are awesome and its a great way to peek inside other peoples homes and hearts to see what they do and to get great ideas from them, however, Facebook I have noticed is becoming and invasion of privacy for many. You know that saying "less is more" well I feel I am beginning to learn too much and its not needed. Honestly, I don't care that someone is on their way to the pick up a can of tomatoes or that someone else's husband is being a jerk. Really, its a little much. I think Facebook is a great outreach tool to spread news of important things but it can very easily take a lot of time if not careful with it. I like the fact that I can see pictures of distant relatives and friends and that will be about the extent of my use other then trying to encourage others in the Lord and encouragement for myself. I do not want to offend those who use it, like I said its a great tool and maybe I just don't have the discipline to limit myself. Since we homeschool it takes a lot of concentration on my part because I have 2 kids under 3 and its so hard to teach the oldest with the distractions I already have so I am trying to simplify my daily life and what I do with the hours given. I have been to The Homeschool Channel which is a great tool and loads of info and movies for parents and the kids to view. You should check it out those who wish to enrich their teaching with other information. I watched a video yesterday morning on Noah and DNA, very cool. I plan to continue to blog here and this will be sent also to my Facebook page graciously given for the friends I have there and really cherish, I will pop in maybe once a week or so for messages there so God Bless you all and I am off for some Math time, send some prayers :)


  1. you've nailed it. for a lot of us, facebook has become an almost dangerous addiction. And yes, too much information. I am guilty of spending far too much time surfing and reading that could be better spent on being in God's Word, improving things around the home and even working more diligently on my writing. oh, yes, I am feeling a little convicted this morning.

  2. All true! Ive discovered a couple of things...the time we spend on the comp is convicting for most of us! Whether or not we admit it:) Some try to be on for 'only 1 hour'. But I find that what works for me and my family is, unless we are doing an assignment; that we 'get on/get off' a few times a day for only a couple of minutes at a time. Good message. Praise the Lord for the wisdom He gave you! Blessings~ Dana

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I have been convicted awhile about this. I have seen families have MAJOR issues due too Facebook and that is so crazy too me. My most important thing as a wife and mother is to make a inviting, warm, loving and Godly home and with all the distractions its very hard these days. The blog is therapeutic for me but honestly Facebook is more of a hassle.