Thursday, June 2, 2011

Be angry and Sin not

I was doing some reading this morning and came across Psalm 37:8~9

“Refrain from anger and turn from wrath, do not fret~it leads only to evil.” I thought to myself about how many times I have been so angered and mad about things. I just could not believe that would lead me to evil. My thinking was “well I am angry, I want to sulk in it awhile then maybe I will be over it. Time will tell” Well the Bible clearly states that we CAN be angry, just don’t let it take hold of us. Get over it fast, do not let the sun go down on it. We do not want to let satan have a foothold on anything. If we sit and let it fester in us that even makes you angrier. Have you ever heard someone say the expression “I just want to stew awhile” well that means to sit and dwell on the issue at hand. Anger is like a cancer. Its no good! We all get mad at one another and have issues but we need to get to the root quickly, say how we feel and MOVE forward.

I know its much easier said then done, its something that we need to pray and ask God to help us with. I don’t think its something that over night you just become a person who will forgive and move quickly over things, its a process and with God’s help and his mercy we can become people who when angry confront, deal with the issue, and move forward. This is not to say that we become a door mat, there is a time when we are treated wrongly and become angry that we may need to step back away from the person and allow God to do a work in them. We are not to be treated badly and just accept it. We need to pray for that person.

So I think the bottom line is, its ok to get angry, its a normal emotion. We are not to let it take hold of us. It WILL lead to evil. We are not to let it sit in us and control our lives. We need to give it to God. Trust him, and pray that he would help us to move past and forgive. It does nothing for you to dwell on it. The problem is, we are the ones angry and the person that made you feel this way has no idea and they are going about their lives like everything is fine. Don’t let it ruin or steal your joy. Don’t let it take one minute of your life. My prayer is that God would help me if or when I am angered to confront the person, deal with the issue and move forward!

I hope this was of some encouragement to somebody. I know that it has opened my eyes a little more into what anger is capable of doing to us.

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