Saturday, June 25, 2011

Edie's Yummy Pineapple Upside Down Cake

My husband has been helping me today to make my grandmother's yummy pineapple upside down cake. There is nothing better then a passed down recipe and sharing it with others. My grandmother is gone now and everytime I make this it reminds me of her so much, I have alot of recipes from her that do that. Its really easy. You will need a yellow cake mix, pineapple chunks and slices, cherries, brown sugar, eggs, oil and butter....Oh and don't forget the best part is the cast iron skillet to bake it in :) Use the cake directions as it says except you omit the water and substitute it for the juice from the pineapples, you also want to add the drained pineapple chunks to the cake mix, you need to coat your skillet with butter and once you do that spread brown sugar on it and layer your pineapple slices and put cherries in the middle. Pour your cake batter into the pan. The cake needs to bake a little longer then the time says, usually around 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Let it cool when its done before you try to flip it from the skillet...This is also one of my hubby's favorite cakes as well..........Enjoy!!

Grandma Edie's YUMMY pineapple upside down Cake
Gather all the stuff you need
Rub skillet with butter, add brown sugar and pineapples and cherries
Mix the Cake and pour
Bake in the oven at 350 for 45 min or so
I hope you enjoy!!!

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