Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The "Good ol Days"

I have often thought about how we live today compared to when my mom was younger and I can't help but think today times are very hard. Today the price of things make it to where most families need 2 incomes to stay above water. That is so hard. Whats going to happen when 2 incomes are not enough? Here is a list of things I came across today about the price in 1955 for some things.
Gas:29 cents/gal
Bread:18 cents/loaf
Milk:92 cents/gal
Stamp:3 cents
Average Annual Salary:$5,000
Minimum Wage:75cents per hr
WOW!!! Is it even possible that people could survive on that? Yes, I guess it is!! Sometimes I wish that I was growing up during this time, when Sundays consisted of Church and Dinner with the WHOLE family, picnics, family game nights, you could let your kids play outside and not stand at the window hawking them like a stalker!! They really seem like the "Good ol Days" to me. I hear many people argue that it only seems worse today then back then because of technology, the TV, internet, news channels, Law shows ect....While that may be true to some extent I do know one thing and that is the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:1-4 that "There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, WITHOUT LOVE, unforgiving, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather then lovers of God". WOW
That is a list! I do believe though as time goes by it gets worse, the Bible says so. I am sure there are many reasons why, I personally think pornography is a huge reason why, people lust after anything and everything. Envy is a huge problem, money is something that there seems is never enough and that leads to ALL kinds of problems, robbery and murder. People kill for their own desires. I know there is a reason I am living in these days, God has a reason. I do sometimes wish it was in another Era, but, I am happy where I am. When watch the news it really worries me, it concerns me for the world my kids are growing up in, it worries me for the kind of friends and people they will come across. All we can do is pray, pray that when Jesus does return we are ready. In the meantime I will pray that we are kept safe and we try to be pleasing to him. I will pray for our Country and the innocent children in the World and pray for all people in general. The ends times are going to only get worse, its hard to imagine things could get worse but they will. I am glad we have hope. Jesus is our Hope.


  1. Amen sister. I love the June Cleaver era although I am also grateful for the progress we have today. But yes, like you, I think our world continues to spiral downward. Interesting discovery I just made as I pawed through my mothers things looking for insurance papers etc. I discovered the receipt my dad was given back in 1956 when he purchased three burial plots: $75 for all three. Yes, things have changed. But Jesus doesn't. Same yesterday today and forever. He is truly our Hope.

  2. Wow, thats a huge difference in the price today. One plot is as much as a thousand dollars. I love the June Clever Era, my hubby and I often say we are in the "wrong era" lol....Yes thank Jesus he is the one constant, remaining the same always :)

  3. I was just telling my mom today that we have so many conveniences that our ancestors didn't have, but somehow it doesn't seem like we are any better off. I mean, people TWEET from campgrounds. She wants this oven that is like $2000. I said "mom, our distant relatives cooked over a stove, a $400 oven will work!" (she would never get it because of the price, but it doesn't stop her from wanting)

    Out of everything that changes, I am thankful that Jesus doesn't.

  4. So true amy! Even though I sometimes "wish" it was the same way I don't really know who was better. Their times were harder with so many things, My grandma STILL has the washboard she used when her oldest child was born, of course eventually they got a washer but they were from the "mountains" so you know up there you didn't have a washer and they were poor. Can you imagine trying to homeschool while washing on the washboard, lol! Oh dear Lord thank you Jesus for a washer and dryer :)