Thursday, June 16, 2011


Romans 12:1~3 says that we are to "offer our bodies as a living sacrifice , holy and pleasing to God. We are not to conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds." I struggle daily with this, I am not even gonna try to fool myself and say I don't. It is a daily struggle to to keep our minds in clear thinking, with the struggles of life it is very easy to get side tracked. I need to remind myself daily who I am in Christ and that I am worthy of his grace and mercy. Our flesh is a hard thing to die to. I want to live a Holy life and be pleasing to God. I want people to see Jesus in me and I want to set an example for him. There is nothing worse then making a 1st bad impression and how are we to share the love of Jesus with others if our lives are not pleasing to him. When I meet someone I want them to say "There is something different about her". I remember as a teenager going to church, we went faithfully, and I became friends with the pastors daughter. Well, I would look at her and almost be envious because she seemed so sweet, pure and had a glow I could not put my finger on. Now that I am older and I have formed my own relationship with the Lord I know that the "glow" I could not put my finger on was Jesus. I want to live in that. Its the best place to be, its a safe place, a place where there is hope. I want others to be in that place as well. My prayer is that the Lord help me to live that holy pleasing life for him. I pray that you do as well.

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