Sunday, June 12, 2011


This Sunday we were supposed to try a new Church but my husband hurt his back and ended up at Patient 1st. We will go next Sunday though. I LOVE Sundays, I have great memories of them growing up and big family dinners. I try to so the same for my own family. Today we made a huge spaghetti and italian sausage dinner with garlic bread. Yum!
I can remember as a child my mother would take my brothers and I too church every Sunday morning and night. She also took us Wednesdays and anytime the doors were open in between. I used to raise a fuss about going as I got older! I mean was she crazy making us go that much!! I was a teen and wanted to hang with my friends and sleep in I did NOT want to go to church. I mean there were shows I wanted to watch, "Who's the Boss", "Roseanne", "90210"! When I was there I can remember falling asleep in the pews MANY mornings. Ugh, what a brat I was!!
I can honestly say now that I am in my 30's that I am so thankful for the times that she made us. We were too young to make a wise decision and foolish and she made it for us. She did what she believed was best for us and it paid off! I hold firm to Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will NOT turn from it." I used to think she was crazy as she would quote that scripture. Now I find myself saying it with kids of my own. Its funny how we get much wiser with age and we start to see things from our parents point of view! I still cant believe I am saying that :)
My mother called me this morning to tell me that one of my brothers decided he would go to church this morning, alone, and he really enjoyed it! She was extremely happy! The most important thing we can pass on to our kids is the truth of God and his word and that they can always have that personal relationship with Jesus and he is forever faithful. When life gets us down and things go wrong we have a constant, and that is the Lord.


  1. Memories are great, sometimes i find it is easy to get caught up with expectations of recreating something we hold as special memories, so we can make more memories for ourselves and our loved ones. Often times I must admit I feel let down when I try to recreate things from fond memories. My mother used to say that the memory is always better than the actual event. So following that thought it makes sense that if we expect the event to feel like the memory we will be disappointed every time. So I have taken to experiencing things in the moment for what they are and low and behold, give it a minute and you turn around to another great memory, instead of ruining it with expectations. I sometimes laugh at the things I now find to be great recent memories with my kids, that I never would have expected to be. <3 <3

  2. There aren't to many things I really like to "recreate " but memories of good old fashioned sit down dinners and church on sundays are ones I love! We are constantly making memories for our kids, I try to keep that in mind. I know ever little thing we do will ultimately be a memory.